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Analysing data


COVID Testing Recommendations

DCPS aims to test 10-20% of unvaccinated kids weekly in each school. Evidence of presymptomatic and asymptomatic transmission, even in vaccinated people and particularly given the Delta variant, shows that we need responsive and universal testing to prevent the spread of infection in schools. Schools should (1) Implement rapid antigen testing for symptomatic students and staff, (2) Implement a rapid antigen testing test-to-stay program to reduce quarantine, (3) Speed up PCR result return times (to 6-18 hours) and test 100% of students each week with the asymptomatic PCR program.

This will dramatically reduce the ability of Covid to spread in schools.

Data from DC Government

Cumulative Totals of positives in DCPS. These totals were reset to zero at the start of school on Aug 30, 2021.


School notifications. These lag by up to a week behind the totals. Notifications go up when the school community is notified (after they tell the positive family, then close contacts, then class)


Charts and graphs and a school by school breakdown. Hard to read and lots of data is missing


DC Outbreak Data


Data from other sources


Tracker for Pediatric Patients in Hospitals (scroll down for State-level data)


American Academy of Pediatrics state level data


Big data spreadsheet apparently reflecting various reports in the main web pages


Cases, notifications, quarantine  


Up-to-date dashboard, analysis and other information including useful websites  


DCPS Covid Daily analysis by @DJoseph31 on Twitter

Information from DC Government about Managing Covid in DCPS


The Mayor’s latest slide presentation  


DCPS reopening, including health & safety policies and practices 

Office of the State Superintendent of Education

DC government main COVID website including daily Reopening Metrics 

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